About Paul Meacham

Paul Meacham the doctor from Heber Arizona was the head and only physician to perform the procedure. He performed the operation to remove a tumor from the man’s abdomen. The cancerous tumor was found on the left side of the abdomen and was about 9 inches tall. He placed a thin band of skin around the tumor. “He didn’t do it in the morning, but when I looked at him he had the tattoo on his chest and he was standing, sweating heavily,” said his wife, Tammy. “He could feel it when he looked in his left eye, his eyes were closed. He felt it.” The surgery was done over a week ago. Doctors also discovered a tumor was growing on the back of the doctor’s finger, which has resulted in his finger and finger nail growing back in. Dr. Craig Meacham said he did not think anyone else had done such a procedure since there were a lot of options for removing it. “You might have other doctors, not as experienced but they could have gotten this done and there were other ways to do it,” Dr. Meacham said. “This is not a procedure that would have been done for the typical cancer we find in Heber Overgaard AZ. We do other things, and this would have been a good alternative, but not to have surgery.” Dr. Meacham is confident now the doctor’s cancer was successfully removed. The cancer will return in its new location within two weeks. “It’s not as much of a problem now, the tumor is completely gone,” he said. “I guess we’re going to see how they feel, maybe they haven’t had enough sleep recently, but now they’re very aware of their cancer that will return in six to eight weeks.” In the past, doctors have removed small tumors from people with melanoma that had been growing for years after they first started eating foods high in alcohol. However, it can take months for the cancer to return. “We’re hoping it doesn’t,” Dr. Meacham said. “We tried a variety of cancer treatments and the vast majority of them, we didn’t get. So I’m really hoping this one didn’t. It’s very exciting to know the outcome.”